Sri AdiShankaracharya
Sharada Lakshminarasimha Peetam

Sri AdiShankaracharya Sharada Lakshminarasimha Peetam, an ancient Dharmapeetam directly established by Jagadguru Sri AdiShankaracharya, is situated at the Divyakshetra of Hariharapura in Chikmagalur District, Karnataka. Located at the banks of the holy River Thunga, Lord Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy and Mother Sri Sharada Parameshwari are the chief deities of this Dharmapeetam. This ancient Dharmapeetam boasts of unbroken illustrious legacy of Jagadgurus, since from the time of Sri AdiShankaracharya.

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Sri Agasthya Maharshi

Sage Agastya Maharshi is the most prominent among the Sapta-Rishis. Sage Agastya is respected as an affluent scholar with a predominant hold over vadic text. Sage Agastya has authored several hymns of the Rigveda and texts such as “Agastya Geeta” found in Varaha Purana, “Agastya Samhita” found in Skanda Purana

Sage Agastya is one of the rarest of the sages found in ancient sculptures and temples. Sage Agastya performed intense penance on Lord “Lakshminarasimha” and was blessed with “Pratyaksha Darshana” at Divyakshetra Hariharapura. The “Sri Lakshminarasimha Saligramas” worshipped by Sage Agastya has been preserved in the Guru Parampara of this Dharmapeetam and is being worshipped even to this day.

Sri Sharada Parameshwari

Sri Sharada Parameshwari, the main goddess of this Dharmapeetam. Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya consecrated Srichakra Yantra and Sri Sharada Parameshwari Idol was installed and thus Sri Sharada Lakshminarasimha Peetam at Divyakshetra Hariharapura.

On the outer wall of the Sri Sharada Parameshwari temple at Divya Kshetra Hariharapura “Vashini Vaagdevata” idols are installed. It is believed praying to the Goddess Sri Sharada Parameshwari, the devotee will be blessed with “Brahma Jnanam”.

Guru Parampara

It is said that during the "Sanatana Dharma Prachara Yaatra" of "AdiShankara Bhagavatpada" while traversing through Divyakshetra Hariharapura was impressed with the divinity and ambience. Jagadguru Shankaracharya observed Sri Krishna Yogendra performing Penance on the banks of river “Thunga” and was impressed by the strong asceticism at such a young age.

Sri Shankara Bhagavtpada consecrated Srichakra Yantra and installed Sri Sharada Parameshwari. Further blessed Sri Krishna Yogendra with Mantra-Deeksha, thus laid Dharmapeeta Parampara at Divyakshetra Hariharapura. Sri Krishna Yogendra attained “Atma-Jnana” at a tender age by worshipping Sri Sharada Parameshwari and was blessed by the “Bramha-Jnani Sureshwaracharya” with “Swayamprakasha” Yoga Patta. Since its inception, this Dharmapeetam boasts an unbroken, illustrious lineage of “Guru Parampara”.

Sri Sadhguru Vaani

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Self realisation is essential for any individual growth either Materialistic or Philosophical. Self realisation occurs only when we surrender to Guru, the embodiment of absolute truth with immense effulgence, radiance and immaculate affection to disciple.

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“गावो विश्वस्य मातरः” The Vedic tradition respects and worships cow as the Supreme Mother Goddess. Every product from the cow – the Go-Mutra (cow’s urine), cow dung, cow milk, etc possess religious significance as well as high medicinal properties. “गवां अङ्गेषु तिष्टन्ति भुवनानि चतुर्दश” It is mentioned in our ancient texts that the holy cow is the embodiment of all Gods and Goddesses. Worshipping a cow bestows one the Punya of performing Pooja to the Gods and Goddesses of the entire universe. But, during recent times, cows that are meant to be worshipped are being cruelly slaughtered. The increasing rate of cow slaughter and beef export is a very depressing and shocking truth prevailing in the present time.

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It is Celebrated on 2nd Friday of Shravana Maasa

It is Celebrated on Shravana Bahula Asthami

It is Celebrated on Baadrapada Bhahula Truthiya and Chaturthi

It is Celebrated on Baadrapada Shuddha Chaturdashi

on Baadrapada Bahula Panchami

It is Celebrated on Aashveeja Shuddha Pratipath to Vijayadashami

It is Celebrated on Maagha Bahula Trayodashi. Chaturyaama(Whole Night) Pooja Performed by Parama Poojya Maha Swamiji


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